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I want all her clothes
My Cutting Assignment





Label yourself (prep, goth, druggie, weirdo, etc)

Dirty Slut and Pregnant Whore

How long have you been cutting?

4 years

Favorite tool?

Razors, Computer Blade, seam ripper

Where (place) do you cut (school, home, etc.)?

School and home

Do you have to wear long-sleeves & long-pants all the time?


Do you cut on your stomach, or chest?


Are your legs, arms, & other body parts covered in scars?

Yep L

What’s your favourite excuse to use when someone asks about a cut?

Don’t have any

Have you ever been hospitalized because of your cutting?


when was the last time you cut?

A day ago

Off the top of your head, about how many scars do you have?

About 50

Do you have (diagnosed) depression, and/or bipolar/bpd?

Yep…clinical depression and bipolar

Who knows you cut?

my family and my boyfriend

Have you ever been caught cutting?

yes , many times

Have your parents ever confronted you about a bloody sleeve, or towel?


Did you have a good childhood?


Why do you cut?

I was bullied and raped L

Have you ever talked to a therapist or counselor?


Do you want to stop cutting (but can’t because of addiction)?

I don’t know yet

Do you like cutting?

So far, yeah!

How many times have you tried to commit suicide?

Four times

What are your views on cutting, and other self-injury?

My views are they like it J

Do you like watching movies with self-injury? 


Do you like looking at photos of self-injury?


Do you sometimes envy other people (non-self-injurers)?

Yeah…when I look at them bcuz their pretty and virgins. But im not one of them.

Have you ever taken any pictures of your cuts/scars?


Do you want to die?

Yeah, still…

Have you ever done a school assignment on cutting, or self-injury?


What do you like to listen to while cutting/depression/etc.?

My type of music (alternative rock, death metal)

Have you ever needed stitches from cutting?


Do you dream about cutting?


What do you use to bandage your cuts?

Nothing. Let them bleed.

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Anonymous: What the fuck. You are one of the biggest liars I've ever met. You did not know Grant, and you don't know anything about him. You were one of those people that pretended to be all sad to get out of class or to get attention. He was an amazing guy and it's absolutely ridiculous that you're going to lie and act like you knew him. How dare you. Every word that comes out of your mouth is a blatant lie. You are a fake.

i do not know him that well. But im not like him, trust me :( my ex boyfriend, Bradley knows him that well okay? Why you judging me for? God, youre pathletic. You need to get a life or something bcuz youre a lowlife person. Im sad bcuz i have bipolar problems and i was bullied by people who are rude to me like you.

No, im not Grant or like him….no, i dont know him that well :( But i wanted to make him something special to people that know him. Ask my ex for him, not me…okay?

By the way, you calling me a fake is you being pathetic. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it all. EVEN ONLINE!!!!!! you get it?

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If you can see me, then you’re probably a little too close. So you think you could love me. Well, you gotta be stronger than most. Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding, Let Go  (via hurricanewasyes)
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my hero

finished my babe Ellie Goulding just before the start of the opening ceremonies
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Harry and Louis   Harlou  Lourry   Larry Stylinson

Reblog…you know you want to ;) (x)

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-Baby Niall-
Hot Lips. High Class. Sexy Smile. Harry Styles.: Preference- You are in a girl group on X Factor and One Direction comes back to perform.


“5, 6, 7, 8, and hit.” your dance choreographer said. You and your group were practicing for the X Factor finale. You couldn’t believe you all got this far. You wanted to win and were going to work hard. “Okay, that’s good for today. We need to clear the stage for One Direction to…

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